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Rotensus provides specialist 2D and 3D Visual factory documentation for the pharmaceutical, life sciences, healthcare and other manufacturing sectors.

When it comes to explaining a process or the steps necessary to do something, nothing beats visual Images allowing your organisation to show the actual steps necessary to complete a task rather than just explaining with words.

Many companies benefit from Visual representations of their facilities, processes, standard operating procedures and workflows, we offer a comprehensive service providing documentation in many formats to meet your needs – Read More

Rotensus provides other industry services in relation to programme/project management and validation – Read More – Gallery

[ our benefits ]

We offer a quick turnaround for your project with multiple edits until you are satisfied Client standards can be adopted where required.

Visual documentation can significantly help simplify site tours for customers and new personnel aiding familiarisation during site inductions, training etc. Images from the documentation can be easily incorporated within company presentations and other documents



What Makes Rotensus Different?

With over 30 years of experience in manufacturing, operations and engineering we understand how facilities and processes are built, installed and operated. Every business is unique and that is why we treat each client individually offering a tailored approach to their needs. At Rotensus we believe in offering a genuinely bespoke service and making life easy for our clients.
We have a proven ability to work with multiple clients internationally as well as the UK A dedicated project manager will be assigned to your project to always provide an open and honest line of communication.




Most frequent questions and answers
Initially just a short conversation or online enquiry will get the ball rolling, from there we can tailor your needs accordingly.

We will reproduce the drawing based on a number of different sources, generally the more information you can supply the better.

Once we have drafted the documents you will have the opportunity to have multiple edits until you are satisfied and we can ‘go to print’

Most clients prefer to have pdf versions of the documents so they can print in any format they chose however we can provide printed versions if you have not got the capability to print them out, particularly the larger formats.

The scope of supply is a really important phase of the project, once we have developed a brief for the project we will supply a quotation based on anticipated timelines, once an order is received a detailed plan will be issued.

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