AW Security Services provides a range of security services delivered by a team of trained professionals. We are based in London but deliver our services nationwide. As one of the up and coming companies , AW Security Services carries years of experience.

AW Security Door

With each brand having its own identity and specific criteria we understand the importance of tailoring each individual Door Supervisor to each different venue. By our attention to detail, we can provide the personnel and professional management expertise to enhance our clients business and fulfill the customer experience.


AW Security Guarding
& Keyholding

We work closely with our client to ensure a full understanding of their
requirements, offering our advice along the process to further enhance their security solution. We produce a detailed Risk Analysis covering all aspects of the job role and the customers business. Critical to our success is an ethos whereby we only employ highly motivated,


AW Security Close
Protection & Events

From Personal Protective Coverage to Property and Valuable Asset Protection, Celebrity Bodyguarding through to Risk Management and Reconnaissance we will fully plan our activity and operation with you to ensure that we provide a protective capability that mitigates assessed risks and threats, thus securing a safe environment in which our client,

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