The Strategic Tennis Program is specifically designed to help you play smarter winning tennis!

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    Knowing Where to hit the ball and Why
    will make you a better player!

    Not a random YouTube video That makes those ridiculous claims such as:

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    Learn to hit a forehand like Roger Federer in just 30 minutes.

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    Learn to add topspin to your stroke like Rafael Nadal.

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    Develop a 120 mph serve in three easy steps.

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    Five simple steps to having a world-class backhand

    Promising or even suggesting that club-level players will reach these goals are snake-oil sales offers that lack credibility.

    The basic
    premise is simple!

    As a club-level player, you will learn several time-tested strategies that when applied to your present game, will produce rapid improvements. These various game strategies will teach you the essential benefits of purpose and planning. Random hitting will be replaced with strategic combinations of winning patterns.

    Like a chess player who is conditioned to be thinking several moves ahead, so too should your tennis play be utilizing mental planning and strategy-based decisions.

    The Strategic Tennis Program also includes valuable information about selecting good quality shoes, racquet, string, as well as what items should be in the bag itself.  These topics and others not only increase one’s consumer awareness but they also serve to optimize his or her court performance.

    The Strategic Tennis Program

    The strategic Tennis Program walks you through how to improve faster, how to play the game with a plan, and how to optimize your performance on the court with minor changes in your present game.

    • The split step- Its purpose including when and why to use it
    • Hitting an effective approach shot in both singles and doubles
    • How to communicate effectively in doubles
    • Selecting a proper tennis racquet and string to optimize your game play
    • When and how to poach in doubles
    • When to attack your opponent in singles
    • How to play the pusher
    • What qualities to consider in purchasing a top-notch tennis shoe
    • How to maximize your practice
    • Developing a game plan- When,
      how, and why
    • How to get good tennis games while on vacation
    • How to improve your forehand consistency

    Take a careful look to add an exciting boost to your game!

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    Final Thought

    Consider if you will, the cost of private tennis lessons, instructional clinics, and purchased on-line courses. They say that we normally retain a relatively low percentage of what we learn from lessons involving verbal or visual information.

    The fact is that for less than the cost of an averagely priced one-hour private tennis lesson, you can own this entire Program and enjoy its benefits at your leisure for a lifetime.