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Gangsta Elite is urban entertainment company based out of Essex county NJ. Irvington, Newark and East Orange. We strive to provide uplifting examples of making it through the tough times when you feel like no one has morals or integrity but won’t hesitate to have there hand out demanding that u must help them and even when you help out people they still act shady and never there to support you when you need them. Me as Icon Levels is now a Christian and knows Jesus Christ is the only way to salvation. With that being said the few songs you will hear me on is about my past. I live my life for Christ now and even though it’s much harder to live right rather than being full of sin. I devote myself to trying harder and being a better person day by day. I am not perfect or without sin but I am changing more and more day by day for the better. Trust the Lord and not man. Which makes you in the world but not of the world. God bless you and thanks for the support. These shirts will not be available forever and once M16 reaches his goals I’m not apart of this industry anymore. Take care and God bless you !!!

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The T-shirts are available in the options of Black or White.

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