About Me

I’m Ashley Blu Staats

I specialize in working with men and women

who are concerned about their relationships.

I’ve helped many clients dealing with a difficult breakup or struggling to stay together find hope and strength in a time of pain. If you feel your relationship is stuck in a rut or perhaps you’d like to find and keep a great partner, I can help. A reluctant partner doesn’t have to be a barrier to change! I am happy to work with individuals and/or couples who want to improve their quality of life and foster fulfilling relationships.


Explore My Programs

I often help in your communication by “translating.” Many conflicts are due to the misunderstanding of emotional content.

I Offer Individual Or Couple Counseling For

  • Depression
  • Break up
  • Life transition
  • Grief/Loss
  • Parenting

Sex Therapy Issues

  • Intimacy and desire disorders
  • Orgasmic disorders
  • Pain associated with intercourse
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Ejaculation problems
  • Low sex drive, mismatched drive
  • Problematic sexual behavior commonly referred to as sex addiction

Family Tips

How to Save Family & Relationships

Go back to the beginning. Ask yourself: What drew me to this person to begin with? What qualities did they possess that I found valuable? What made them so amazing? And are they still? Reevaluating the reasons you came together reminds you of the reasons to stay together, and this strengthens your already-existing foundation.