Creative & Innovative

We merely found another Creative way to use Ziplock Slider bags to assist in organizing your everyday things other than just fresh food packaging and storage. A new spin on an already great product.


Ultimate Storage Solution

NO more Frustration with putting items in places you can’t remember. Just snap our Ziphangers on a slider bag of any size and you have an effective storage solution.


Always A Better Storage Solution When Utilizing the ZipHangers

Better Storage With The ZipHanger

ZipHangers – Where are they used?
  • Garage – Nuts And Screws, Nails, Glue, Silicone, Tools, Plumbing Kits, Small Parts
  • Kitchen – Kitchen Utensils, Bottle Openers, Wine Stoppers, Corn Skewers, Recipes, Candy, Cookies, Dog Treats,
  • Bathroom – Cotton Balls, Q-Tips, Sponges, Bobby Pins, Hair Clips, Make-Up, Travel Accessories
  • Travel Accessories – Perfumes, Jewelry, Lotions, Make-Up, Scarves, Belts, Dirty Clothes
  • Office – Postage Stamps, Paper Clips, Staples, Highlighters, Sticky Notes, Pens, Tacks, Chalk, Erasers
  • Pantry – Herbs, Spices, Snacks and Snack Bags, Batteries, Light Bulbs, Bandages
  • Hospitals – Medicine, Thermometers, Prescriptions, Personal Items, Small Surgical Items, Bath Toiletries
  • Hobby Shop – Coins, Paint, Paint Brushes, Sewing and Monogram Items, Scrapbooking Items, Collectibles,
  • Playroom – Game Pieces, Crayons, Small Toys, Art Supplies, Blocks, Legos.
  • Hang On Peg-Boards

The ZipHanger Makes Great Party Bags For All Occasions.


ZipHangers are a Versatile Product for

Retailers, Homeowners, Office Personnel, College Dorms, Cubicles,  and many other Easy to Find Items.

Please be advised that the ZipHangers are small items. We recommend that they NOT be in reach of small children and pets.