Professional Translation & Interpreting Services

TTIS strives to forge strong relationships with small businesses conducting business worldwide. From document translation to interpreting, proofreading and editing your business needs will be taken care of.

TTIS values:

  • Integrity
  • Quality
  • Trust and
  • Innovation

Language Services


TTIS only provides consecutive interpreting…
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Translate your documents into English, French , Spanish or Lingala with native professional translators.
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We can proofread and edit your documents…
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Multilingual Support

If you need to interact with international…
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About TTIS Services

TTIS is dedicated to providing you with the human and logistical tools you need to communicate your ideas in the language of your choice.


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What We Do

The TTIS team uses their knowledge, creativity, and skills to make your content available in your target language, making it easy to reach your targeted audience. We infuse our passion and energy into your communication to make your content as effective as when you created it. Here at TTIS we call it saying WHAT you mean.

Our Mission

TTIS serves as a bridge that eliminates both language and culture barriers between individuals, communities and organizations. TTIS carries the mission to open doors of opportunities that wouldn’t have been accessible without our services.

Why Choose Us?

We specialize in assisting both domestic and international businesses in expanding into markets that speak any of the languages in which we provide services. We fill the critical need to enabling our clients to communicate globally in a language that truly speaks to their audiences.