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A regional driver can enjoy quality home time with family and friends while usually consistently being home through the week and or on weekends or a combination of both. A regional trucking driving job consists of moving freight within a region that encompasses the surrounding area.


A local truck driving job typically consists of transportation freight within 220 miles radius, allowing the driver to complete there deliveries and return home the safe day.


Over the road (O.T.R) are usually on the road for the minimum of one of two weeks then take two days off and can choose to be out longer an earn additional days off. Teams consists of O.T.R routes. Established teams are welcome, or we can identify a partner for you. An over the road trucking driving job typically consists of delivering an picking up freight throughout the country.



Careful Handling

Our trained expert of Dream Global Logistics drivers will handle your shipment with upmost care. While delivery quality on time service.

Where we go

We service all 48 states Atlanta but present a presence in all other major cities

Dedicated Routes

You can choose between traveling the country or stay close to home. We cater to the work and a balance lifestyle for everyone.

We waste no time

On time delivery/ on time pickup


At Dream Global Logistics we are committed to building safe, healthy, and positive relationships with our clients and carriers by providing constant development and future innovative logistic solutions. We evolve and adapt around your needs to best reach your goals.


At Dream Global logistics we are a passionate family-oriented community evolving every day to create a new meaning to trucking by establishing positive connections, and ideas with our drivers, as well as our clients. We emphasize respect when it comes to our drivers because they are everything to us, we treat them like they are our very own family! We value professionalism, loyalty, but we value family value and quality time at home also. We breed safety within our organization and guarantee reliable and quality transporters, we live by our values because it’s our way of life.


we truly care about our community, and drivers, our hard-working team is dedicated to being the best transportation provider in the industry by delivering exceptional value to our customers. We are built on a strong foundation of customer satisfaction, excellent service, personal commitment, and integrity.

Job opportunities for driving careers

We are committed to hiring determined passionate people and empowering them with challenging and door opening opportunities and careers. We invest into our community and provide a family oriented environment that encourages growth on all levels and positions.

We empower and promote the employment of women in the trucking industry

There is not a single challenge women face that men don’t face; the only thing is that challenges are prioritized differently. Women often have to ask or demand equally pay for rights, which can be very uncomfortable. We believe that everyone should be treated equally and that includes also empowering women to a higher level of positions to enable you to earn a good loving. DGL recognize the value and importance of women in this industry along with our staff and drivers. We’ve been all right where you are now, wondering what it takes to make it as a woman in this industry. Dream Global Logistics want you to succeed and happy. This means doing our best to connect with professional female mentors if you would like, also in learning from women who been in your exact same position and will be there support you every mile, every day. We offer a wide range of opportunities for women truck drivers that can help you achieve your goals and make the most of your everyday life. From short hauls to regional lanes, to long haul O.T.R, opportunities, solo options to teams. We empower our women to allow you to work in the best way that fits your lifestyle.

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02.Top-Quality Freight Services
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