About Smiths

A home can be an investment, as long as you maintain it. Keeping things clean from top to bottom can help maintain property value, even increase it in most cases. Living on a road with heaving traffic can speed up how dirty a home gets. Living by a lake we know first hand how quick mold and algae can build up. We can fix that, even take care of all those pesky cobwebs. We even use a post treatment on driveways to help keep things from growing back.

Services We Offer

The Smith surname was occupational in nature and was commonly taken on by specialized craftsmen. We still believe and live by it. This business was built by a tradesmen. Taking on studies and labor in welding and fabrication. Venturing into manufacturing, machining and mechanics. Every job taken was done to the highest quality and attention to detail. We will not sacrifice quality for anything, because at the end of the day our name means something, and we will stand by it. We are proud to put our name on everything we do.

Paint Prepping

Have a DIY project to repaint something? Really don’t feel like scraping away for a day or two? Have a house you are trying to get a fresh coat of paint on before listing? That’s OK, we are here for you. We can get the job ready for you, or whoever you contracted. Our power washer is powerful enough to remove every bit of paint. To take it a step further, if you are in need of someone to paint we can do that as well. Something as simple as a fresh coat of paint can increase property value.

Graffiti Removal

While some Graffiti can be masterful works of art they can diminish property value. At smiths we guarantee to have Graffiti 100% removed on all hard surfaces, such as rock, concrete, metal, and brick. If Graffiti is still visible for whatever reason, we will discount the price accordingly. While Graffiti can be removed from wood, one thing to keep in mind with all Graffiti removal is that the services will also remove the base paint. If that is an issue, we also have a solution for you. We can also set a new coat of paint or stain to you liking. All you have to stress about is what color you would like. We will handle the rest.

Heavy Equipment Cleaning

Heaving machines take a heavy beating went it comes to dirt and grime. Keeping machines clean help to keep them running. A clean machine also adds to the professionalism, trust, and confidence in a company. Being new york based, we aslo know what a toll brine and road salt can take on equipment. It’s never to early or too late to stay on top of it. Keeping it clean will increase longevity.

Why Choose Us ?

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